One should have a thought, an insight, a simple idea and paint.



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It all started...

In Peterborough, born in 1968, His Grandfather had a huge influence on his early development as an artist by teaching him the principles of painting using perspective and with colouring books to work within the lines. From an early age he was recognised by his teachers as having potential but at the time most state schools were not equipped to actively develop these ability's. David left school discouraged and postponed his artistic endeavours to follow a different career path.

At twenty he sailed the Atlantic as part of a four man crew, during his thirty's he ran his first Marathon and saw active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an Author and accomplished artisan in his field. But his longing to be an Artist never subsided and in 2012, some twenty seven years after leaving school his wife bought him some acrylic paint and canvas from a local art shop and from then on he began to paint.

He has sold prints of his work globally and exhibited in Manchester, London, Bristol, Chester & Switzerland which has merited interviews and praise alike with international art publications. David’s work is studied and emulated by many artists and students. The painting 'La Obsesión has received Global recognition with over a Million hits via social media platforms. David recently featured in a comparative study alongside the acclaimed artists Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch.