figurative artist


'His work urges us to renegotiate painting as being part of a reactive or - at times - autistic medium. His collected, altered and own works are being confronted as aesthetically resilient, thematically interrelated material for memory and projection'.

The possible seems true and the truth exists, but it has many faces :- Hanna Arendt cites from Franz Kafka.




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It all started when...

Born in Peterborough, Cambridge in 1968, David L.Scholes left school at sixteen to become a Carpenter's apprentice. Thanks to his Grandfather who had taught him to draw from a very early age he spent most of his spare time drawing, sketching and learning the art. It wasn't until 2012, some twenty seven years after leaving school his wife bought him some acrylic paint and canvas from a local art shop and from then on he began to paint.

He has sold prints of his work globally and exhibited in Manchester, London, Bristol, Chester & Switzerland which has merited interviews and praise alike with international art publications. David’s work is studied and emulated by many artists and students. The painting 'La Obsesión received instant recognition with over a Million hits via social media platforms. David recently featured in a comparative study alongside the acclaimed artists Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch.